One finger chords
How to play perfect chords on the guitar - lute - piano.
The book that solves the problem of harmony for the
tempered instruments.

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Perfect chords

A method for the utilization of the harmonics producing acoustically perfect chords
in the tempered musical instruments
This book gives answers to many musicology questions giving principal emphasis
to the solution of the problem of the disharmony of the chords.
It explains in a scientific way the reasons for which the chords are dissonant
the way they are played today in the tempered instruments
(piano, guitar, lute etc) and how with the new method
they can be played correctly and even accompany natural scale instruments.

The book also explains how the theories of Pythagoras and Aristoxenus
(who are considered the fathers of the natural and tempered scales respectively),
can be combined and how this combination brings forward as a result
the creation of perfect chords.
The theory of perfect chords solves the problem of disharmony,
pointing the way to achieve the acoustically correct result
with the utilization of the harmonics – sympathetic tones,
that coincide with the perfect natural intervals.
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